Saturday, December 14, 2019

Price Match

I walked into a local department store and approached the Customer Service Counter.

“Hello sir, how may I help you?”

“Do you price match?”

“Yes, we do…what are you looking to match?


“Oh…I see…you have already purchased the item.”


“Well…Where did you buy it from?”


“Excuse me?”

“I bought it from here.”

“So, you want us to match the price of our own product.”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Well…let me check…hmmm…let’s see…It appears that the item that you are desiring to match is now on clearance sale…so I am sorry…no…we cannot match the price.”

“Can you adjust the price?”

“No, we cannot…I am sorry.”

“Ok then…I would like to return this.”

“You want to return it?”


“Is there anything wrong with it?”

“No…remember I wanted you to adjust the price.  I wanted to keep it…but at a lower price.”

“So, now you want to return it?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Sure we can do that…that will be $7.50 back on your card.”

“Thank you.”

“Anything else I can do for you?”

“Yes…could I buy that?”

“Buy what?”


“But you just returned it…”

“Yes I know…could I buy it back?  Re-purchase it? Redeem it?

“I guess…”


“That will be $6.98.”

“Let’s put it on the card.”

“There you go sir…have a nice day.”

“Thanks…you too.”

Redemption is a seldom experienced, yet powerful occurrence once encountered.  There are stories of tragic events where children have been kidnapped and held for ransom…Adam Walsh and the Lindbergh baby come to mind...times when something is stolen and a payment is demanded for its safe return.  Years ago, someone had stolen the gas tank out of my small fishing boat.  I received no ransom note, yet I had to go and buy another one.  Sadly for me, the tank I needed was only manufactured from 1955-1958. This didn’t fit with my overly frugal mindset.

The Bible is filled with stories of redemption.  In Exodus, we find God re-purchases his people from slavery to the Egyptians.  They were already his people…but he still redeems them.  He frees them.  He sets them free.  Ruth is a widow who finds herself poor and alone.  The man Boaz, “purchases” her by marrying her…to provide for and love her.  The Prophet Hosea loses his wife to an adulterous relationship that she has with another man.  Hosea, actually has to pay the man 15 shekels to get his wife back.

All of these stories, and more, point to an incredible truth…they all paint a picture…they foretell of a promise that God will fulfill through his Son, Jesus.  He will buy mankind back to Him.  Jesus will pay the ransom with his own blood.  We will be redeemed by the blood of the lamb.

This Christmas…may you celebrate the fact that God has paid a price that was meant for you to pay. You have been redeemed.

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