Saturday, May 28, 2022



A few years ago my younger brother gave me a car.  It is a 2004 Lexus GX470.  Perhaps upon hearing the fact that I own a “Lexus” you now think higher of me…or at the very least have placed me in the upper echelons of the automotive elite.  To further this uppity image, I like to use a raspy rich voice every time I say the word “Lexus.” For example, I may snootily ask; “Sarah, do you think we should use the Lexus to pull the yacht to the lake this weekend?” 

To which my elegant wife might respond, “We are not going to the lake this weekend…you are going to mow the lawn with your broken 1980 Lawnboy push mower and then you will fix the axle in that Lexus…and we don’t have a yacht and we are not getting a yacht…we have a fishing boat with a motor that runs on only one of the two cylinders.”

She is not wrong. Many of the things that we have are broke, including many aspects of the Lexus.  The Lexus desperately needs ball joints, tie rods, alignment, a radio and some serious work on the computer sensors as the dash looks like a decorated Christmas tree with all of the colored blinking lights.  It is quite obvious that the Lexus is broke and I would be broke if I tried to fix them all.  In fact, as mechanically inclined as I am, I don’t think that I would even be able to come close to fixing all of my automotive problems, which goes beyond the Lexus. If you add in the Dodge Grand Caravan, the GMC Pickup and the Chevy Suburban you would find a plethora of broken items from broken tailgates, signal lights, brake lights, tail lights, side doors, mirrors, parking sensors, running boards, tires, tire leaks, seat warmers, 4 wheel drive train…the list goes on. 

The bottom line is that my vehicles are broke…and so am I. 

I am not the only broken one.  One would only have to look at the news this past week to see that our world is broke and it is broke beyond repair.  We see the senseless death of so many, incredible violence, countries fighting and killing, abuse in our cultures leaders which includes many churches.

When we get even a glimpse our brokenness, we will naturally react.  These reactions are often attempts to fix that which is broken so that these things will never happen again.  It seems that we are bound and determined to figure out a way where “we” can fix it.  We are rightfully appalled by such occurrences and it is only reasonable to “do” something to prevent them from happening again.  Thus we try and it isn’t for lack of effort on our part,  that we continue to see these things happening time and time again. 

So why do they keep happening?  This might be a disheartening reality to some…but…perhaps it is because we can’t fix it.  It won’t matter what “we” do…bad things will continue to happen. Why?  Because just like me…this world is broken.

Mankind will NEVER be successful in fixing the world.  It was actually mankind that broke this world in the first place so what makes us think that we can fix it.  Jesus on the other hand…WILL FIX IT!  We see it promised and he KEEPS his promise.  He WILL fix it.

So what do I/we do?  At the core…I think that we need to see that we are indeed broke.  We are spiritually broke.  I am broken and in need of repair and I am spiritually broke and have nothing to bring to the table to earn any of the “fix” that Jesus is offering…and so is everyone else.  I want to know my brokenness and my need for Jesus. Likewise, I want you to know your brokenness and your need for Jesus.

The world has never needed Jesus as bad as it does today.  The world is filled with more broken people today than ever before.  So from one broken person to another broken person, I ask you, “Can you fix it? Can you fix…you?”

I then ask, “Will you invite Jesus to do that which only he can do…to save you from your brokenness?”

May we all come to see that we are broken and we all need a Savior, and Jesus IS that Savior.

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