Saturday, January 7, 2023



Recently, I have become aware of a concept that boggles my mind.  This new idea appears to be more than just an impractical objective; I would describe it as an utter, non-functioning impossibility.  The target is “hitchless towing.”  The thought is that a vehicle can tow a boat trailer or a camping trailer…without…being connected to a vehicle. 

Huh? How does that work?  I guess the answer is…wirelessly.  My immediate counter thought would take into consideration how many times my cell phone drops calls, looses Bluetooth or can’t find a wifi signal.  Scary!

I did some looking online and I did in fact find Toyota is making efforts in this technology.  In their demo videos, you see two identical minivans traveling the road.  The vehicle behind, is in reality being “towed”…wirelessly…by the vehicle in front.  At first glance my reaction was, “This is the dumbest concept in the history of mankind.”

Then I remembered a recent road trip with four children sitting behind me.  My mind suddenly saw the brilliance of this idea.  The kids can ride in the second vehicle and the parents in the front vehicle.  Wonderful!

Now, if I could just get my hands on two identical vehicles that have this technology implemented, but then, who would make me a sandwich from the cooler in the back while I drive.  That’s a deal breaker…not to mention the impracticality of the costs. 

Honestly, I would be incredibly apprehensive about “hitchless towing.”  Whether it is a vehicle following the one I am driving, pulling a boat to the lake or a camper being pulled to a campsite, I want to have a solid connection.  I guess a “wireless” connection seems convenient, but I desire something a bit more substantial. 

As I have continued to learn to follow Christ, this is how I see prayer.  Prayer connects me to God.  In many ways we want our Christian lives to become as easy and convenient as possible, like sitting in a vehicle being wirelessly towed by another, enjoying the mind numbing entertainment of video screens soaking up my brain cells.  Sure that sounds relaxing, but it does not sound desirable.

What I want is connection…real solid connection with God Almighty…The Father…The One with the Hallowed Name.  Prayer is that connection.  Like locking down the hitch to the 2” ball, with safety chains and wire-harness set to go.  I want to follow where the Lord is going.  He gets to decide and I get to follow.  His Kingdom Come…His will be done…on earth as it is in Heaven (Matt. 6:10).

May you be connected to God in prayer as your prayers align your heart with the heart of God’s heart.

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