Saturday, July 8, 2023


I have been rejected more than my fair share of times in my life.  Take summer camp for example, each year, there would be a “banquet” in which guys would ask girls if they would “go to the banquet” with them.  During my 7th grade year, our church group consisted of half a dozen guys and 6 girls.  I have always been pretty decent at math so I quickly noticed that the odds of having a “date,” were pretty good…IF…our group stayed together…which they didn’t.

Sadly, due to my own insecurities…and overall un-coolness…and a strong presence of nerdiness…not to mention a lack of personal, middle school hygiene, all 6 of our church group girls already had “dates” before I had gained the courage to ask any of them.  On the bright side…I didn’t have to worry about facing them after they would have, certainly, rejected me anyhow.      

During the week, I had studied the other female options…I mean campers…to see if there was someone…anyone…whom I could ask.  I didn’t want to ask just anyone…I wanted to ask a pretty girl who would be intelligent enough to say no, but dumb enough to say yes.  However, after asking 8 different girls throughout the week…I received 8 solid, “Nos!”  As I stood in line on the final night, waiting to enter the dining center and enjoy the banquet, I put forth one final effort.  I approached one lovely and graceful young lady who I had observed all week long and stammered, “W-w-w=would, y-you like to go to the banquet with me?”


So much for that.  I went to the banquet alone…but so did my brother…so I guess we were both losers.

I was regularly rejected in jr. high.

“Hey Tonya! Do you want to go to the dance with me?”


I was rejected continually in high school.

“Hey Krista, do you want to go to a movie on Friday night?”


I was rejected in college.

“Hey Marcita, do you want to go bowling?”

“No, I don’t like bowling.”


“No, I don’t like sledding.”

“Out to eat?”

“No, I don’t like to eat.”

“Anywhere? Anything?”

“No, I don’t like you.”

I have heard excuses that include, “You are not my type. I am not interested. I like someone else. I need to wash my hair. I need to walk the dog.”

“Wait…we are not allowed to have pets at college!”

“That is irrelevant.”

I was even rejected when I first asked the amazing woman who is now my wife out for the first time. “Hey Sarah, do you want to go watch my brother wrestle this weekend at a tournament?”

“I would want to do this because???...”

Perhaps I am stubborn, ignorant, pesky…or all of the above, but I didn’t quit pursuing my, now, wife.  After months of tracking, we enjoyed a few dates. Then after a few years, I gained the courage to propose to this lovely woman.  This time…she said, “YES!”

Sarah united with me in marriage.  She took my name.  She is mine.  She is a part of me. We lived within the same area of college for years, but we were not together.  We were not united.  When she said yes to my invitation, she became a part of my life.

I see similarities when I consider the Kingdom of God.  God rules and is sovereign over EVERYTHING, yet, not everyone belongs to him.  He loves everyone, but not everyone loves him.  It is not until we say YES to the invitation of Jesus that we become united with him and His Kingdom. 

In 2 Thessalonians 1:1-5, Paul encourages the Thessalonians in their faith…and then He encourages them to be “worthy of the Kingdom of God.” Only God can make us worthy and only God can allow us into the Kingdom.  Jesus is inviting us…all we need to do…is say, “Yes!”

May you come to say yes to Jesus in His invitation to be a part of His Kingdom.

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