Saturday, August 6, 2016

It's a Mystery

Life is full of mysteries…there are some things we just cannot explain or fully understand.

Such as, how does David Copperfield disappear and reappear? He’s really good at that!  Mysteries like, how did we come up with these two fine presidential candidates?

Mysteries fill our family life on a regular basis…Who broke the van door? Who tore the shower curtain? Who left the milk out? Where did I put my glasses? What is your name? What is MY name? What happened to the white spatula? (it’s been missing since 2005…hmmm that is the year our son was born…perhaps the mystery has been solved).

I enjoy reading and watching mysteries…as long and they are not bloody or gory…that makes me pass out…then I am liable to get stepped on.

Many things in our world can be explained…however, the work that Jesus does in the hearts of people, is an amazing, exciting and powerful mystery.

We see examples in scriptures where God changes the hearts of people…i.e. the Apostle Paul, when he is transformed from a killer of Christians to a disciple maker…likewise, we see powerful examples in our lives and the lives around us.

More than 30 people from Alliance Church witnessed some of these mysteries first hand, when they were able to engage in the stories from Adult and Teen Challenge on July 28th. The changed life stories were incredible!  Hearing how God was taking hearts of stone...and creating in them a heart of flesh.  

At our church this Sunday we will hear of two other mysteries of how God penetrated the hearts of people and does a work on the “inside.”  We will hear their stories, and we will witness an “outward” expression of that “inward” work & we will look at such scriptures as Matthew 3, John 1, and Acts 8.

When we engage in the covenant act of baptism, we engage in the mystery of Christ’s work, a work that He does...inside of us...that is then expressed on the outside.  Baptism is an amazing expression of the evidence of that mystery. 

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