Friday, August 19, 2016

Our daughter had her tonsils out this past Wednesday.  I find it absolutely remarkable how efficient the surgery clinic was.  I mean they had our third born, taken out of the pre-op room, put to sleep….(the last thing she remembered was feeling weird and her mom beginning to look kind of "creepy"), and I kid you not the doctor was talking with us 15 minutes later.  I can’t change the oil in my car that fast...I can’t run a mile that fast…I can’t eat a donut that fast…wait…that one is not true…I think I could eat several donuts that fast.

I was astounded, and I remember wondering, “How many times do you suppose this doctor has performed this procedure?” Then, I thought about the reality that there must have been a time when he performed his FIRST tonsillectomy.  Truth be told, I am glad our daughter wasn’t his first.  But even for his first, he MUST have studied, and studied, and practiced (if you can even practice for a tonsillectomy).  I cannot imagine all the work that he must have put in, and hours of study he must have engaged in to be as good as he is, at what he does.

This reminded me of the Olympics…how these athletes, work and work and work, to achieve that prize, of a gold medal being hung around their neck. 

We find in 1 Corinthians 9:22-27, another example of how Paul uses the illustration of “Olympic” type games to compare with the prize that awaits for us at the completion of this race we find ourselves in.
Following Christ...takes work...are we willing to rise each morning...set our faces toward the prize, and run?

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