Friday, September 9, 2016


You ever get the feeling like you don’t belong?  You know like when you walk into an empty restroom at the mall, when suddenly you find your self six strides into the room, only to realize…”why are there no urinals in here?”  You’d like to turn and run without being noticed but as you turn, you see the inevitable angry eyed woman glaring at you from the door that she has just entered…

This will NEVER happen to me…again…or at least I sure hope not…

When it comes to belonging…there are times when I (and likely all of us) feel like that proverbial “square peg, in a round hole.”

Times like getting picked last for teams in gym class, or times when you are trying to engage in a conversation and you find yourself closed off by the conversationalists…I usually just assume it’s because of my bad breath that they don’t want to talk to me…so instead of getting upset or feeling bad…I just go eat a garlic breadstick or broccoli, or radishes (they both give me nasty burps…but they taste so good!) from the buffet table and try my luck elsewhere…usually with the same result. 

When it comes to belonging…it can feel like vegetable Jell-O…it just doesn’t fit.

Yet, what I find fascinating…is that we can take people…my wife and I for example.  We are opposites.  Sure we have some things in common.  We are both SUPER athletic, and even MORE humble.  We have our faith in common…but we have so many things that are just contrasting.  Such as, she is organized…I am not as organized…like…not organized.  She likes to be planned out…and I like to take things as they come.  I like watching super hero movies…she likes sleeping through super hero movies…ok…so how do you fall asleep when the Incredible Hulk is eating helicopters like chocolate covered grass hoppers.  Yet…we work well together.

The point is…though we are different…it works.  In Ephesians 2:11-22, Paul paints this picture of how each person who has said yes to Jesus…become one.  One church. One Body.  Unified.  What would it look like if God's people were unified...if the church…was unified.

I am very excited to share with you this Sunday…as we come together…to follow Christ…unified.

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