Saturday, May 12, 2018

My Time is Coming

Sarah is gone for the weekend.  Her family sent for her to head home to Michigan, so that they could honor her by celebrating her up and coming 40th birthday.  I have been trying to keep the house tidy while she is gone…but I’m not…or perhaps more accurately…the kids AND I, are not.  I have been trying…seriously, I have been trying, but apparently…I am really bad at it…because despite the fact that I am trying to make the place a little cleaner…it is actually getting worse!
The truth of it is…that it will continue to get worse…yet it will be clean before she gets home…well…it will at least “look” clean.  I could do it now, but then it will just get messed up again…so why try?  It’s not time.
Tomorrow will not be the time either.
There is a very specific time…the perfect time…and it is the time shortly before she arrives home.  The cleaning must begin early enough to complete it…but not too soon as to leave time for another mess to be created. So some time on Monday morning…the time will come…and then…I will panic…and clean and clean and clean…or should I say…hide stuff…hide stuff…hide stuff…
My time is coming…
In the Gospel of John chapter 17, Jesus begins to pray.  This moment is just before he is going to be crucified…and he begins his prayer with the phrase, “The time has come.”  If you read through the Gospel of John, you will see Jesus refer on several occasions…that his “time has not yet come.”  Later in the same Gospel we find that…His time has come.  The time for the full revelation of his saving work is about to be revealed.  When Jesus reveals his saving work…the Glory of God is shown.  Whenever Jesus saves a soul from sin…heals a body…creates new life within us…Jesus is glorified…and when Jesus is glorified…God is glorified.
This truth has changed the way that I look at salvation…it is so much more that “fire” insurance.  The salvation that Jesus has offered to me…is something that reveals his very character…the character of a loving, gracious, merciful God.
May the Glory of God be revealed!

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