Saturday, January 15, 2022

The Guarantee

“I guarantee it!” These were the words of the great Jets quarterback Joe Namath before Super Bowl III in 1969.  Though the odds were stacked against him, his guarantee was indeed fulfilled.

In the financial realm the guarantee ensures that there will be no loss of resources to the guaranteed party.  The implementation of a guarantee does not linger in just the financial institutions…but also among brothers and sisters of all ages. For instance, when a younger brother says to his older brother of 14 months, “Hey Ross, Mom says that she saved the last cookie for you,” the older brother may respond, “Sweet! Where?”

To which…you…being the younger brother may interject, “She left it in the Tupperware on the counter.”

“But the Tupperware is empty,” he might rebut.

“Yeah…I know.”

“Why is it empty?”

“Because, I ate it.”

“What! What do you mean you ate it? Why did you eat it? I thought you said mom saved it for me?”

“I said “Mom” saved it for you…I didn’t say that “I” saved it for you.”

It could be that at this time the younger brother should inform the older brother, how next time he should get a “guarantee” to ensure that he will indeed receive the cookie.  But since he did not…then he gets no cookie. This has perhaps been a wonderful learning opportunity for the older brother, and he will be a better person for having learned it.  So much so…that in some cases this said older brother happens to become much more financially secure that that of the deceptive younger brother.

It could also be at this time that the younger brother, in order to avoid older brother retaliation, should consider employing his own guarantee of sorts… “Mom! Ross just threatened to kick me in the throat!!”

There have been many life events where I too regretted not having employed the guarantee.

When Rory (the obstinate and obnoxious little brother of the imaginary family previously referred to), promised that he would NOT tell mother about the broken plate and his bleeding head…I soon learned that I should have pursued a guarantee…a paper shredder and his Barry Sanders rookie card would have worked nicely.

Recently, one of my own imaginary daughters asked me to purchase a set of ear buds from a shady black market website. 

“How do you know that this is a legitimate site?”

“Because dad…they have several positive reviews.”

“Anyone can write those reviews…they don’t mean anything.”

“Please Dad! I will pay for them!”

“Are you sure that this is what you want to spend your money on?”

“Yes Daddy! Please! Please!” (Note: eyes were imaginarily fluttering at this point).

“Fine…What is the website?”

“It is a place called They sell everything from ear buds to human kidneys…plus their website says “Satisfaction Guaranteed.”

I should have had her sign a guarantee.  I lost $42…didn’t get the ear buds…nor a kidney…and I never collected an imaginary dime from that imaginary daughter.

There are very few guarantees in life. We are not guaranteed another day of living, stock market success, illness or injury free bodies, job security, low gas, and grocery store prices, Caribou Coffee drinks being made correctly…the list is endless.

We are however, given a guarantee by Jesus Christ himself.  He promises that he WILL come again and he gives to us a guarantee, of that promise…he gives to us…His Spirit.  We may not know it but that is the best guarantee ever offered in the history of mankind.  Ephesians 1:13-14, tells us that this Spirit will mark the believers and is a “guarantee.” 

May we come to see that all followers of Christ can enjoy that guarantee!

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