Saturday, June 10, 2017


I remember as a small boy, late-spring in Minnesota, I would go outside in the early morning, and pick fistfuls of beautiful, yellow wild flowers.  I would fill both of my hands so full, that I could not open the front door to the house without either setting them down or crushing their stems and petals…while, unsuccessfully, attempting to turn the dirty door knob with my sweaty elbows.  Once inside, I would cram my harvest into the rough chewed rim of a Tupperware cup, and fill it with water. 
I couldn’t wait to give them to the most important woman in my life.  The woman who fed me fish sticks and gave me spankings that didn’t hurt…(that is why I told my dad if I ever were forced to choose between  living with him or mom, I would have to choose to live with mom…dad doesn’t cook so well…and his spankings hurt a whole lot worse than mom’s…though I didn’t tell him THAT).  My mother would graciously thank me for the gift and set them up on the window sill…to wilt.
It was my brother that first broke the news to me.  “Those aren’t flowers,” he said.  
“What are you, stupid!?...Look at them,” I replied. “Of course they are flowers…man, for someone fourteen months older; you should really know better…you are an idiot.” 
He insisted, “Those aren’t flowers…they are weeds.” 
“No,” I said. “Pigweed is a weed…Milkweed is a weed…Creeping Charlie is a weed…these are flowers.” 
“No, they aren’t…go ask mom.”
“Mom...are dandelions weeds?”
“Yes they are, dear.
All this time, I had been convinced, that I had been giving my mother beautiful flowers…only to find that my gift…is nothing but weeds.
Comparatively…my offerings to God are nothing but weeds.  Sure, I may think that I am being generous…selfless…a “good” Christian…but, my gifts really are nothing, compared to the grace, generosity and goodness that the Lord has offered to me.
Yet, he accepts my “filthy rags” as worthy unto himself. 
In John chapter 6:1-14, we find this story where Jesus has compassion on thousands of people who have followed him…(chased him, is more fitting) across a lake.  They are tired…and hungry.  All they have collectively between them is five barley rolls, and two small fish.  It is an offering that is worthless to so many.  Yet Jesus, takes what is offered…and He makes something great! He feeds thousands of people with His generous, miraculous gift from His hands.

What do you have to offer?  He will take your gift…which comparably may be “nothing” and make something great out of it…if you will let him.  Without Jesus, we wander around like lost sheep…with nothing to offer…often not realizing that we are lost.  Jesus has enough for us…if we are willing to receive his everything.

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