Saturday, April 16, 2022


My golf game has become somewhat legendary, at least with those who have personally observed my skills on the course.  My golfing companions will often speak astonishing words of affirmation of my skills with phrases such as; “Great Scott! I have never actually watched someone hit a ball like that before!”,  “Wow! I did not think a ball could actually fly that far to the right!”, “Whoa! Are you really going to use your driver on the green?”, “Wait! Were you joking about having played this game before?”, along with many other compliments.  On one occasion, I actually decided to play my ball off of the back of a rogue sheep walking across the fairway and onto the green for an easy 5 putt. 

“Wow! I didn’t expect that to happen!” stated my dumbfounded partner for the day.

“Yeah, I know…most guys would try and play around the sheep, but I figured I might as well use the stray animal to my advantage.”

“What…you are saying you meant to do that?”

“Sure…it is all about the timing…I’ve done it before.”

“Really!? How many times have you had a sheep walk across the fairway in front of the green while golfing.”

“This was the first time.”

“…Huh…Wait…that doesn’t…never mind…”

On another occasion, I decided to impress my foursome by making a “trick shot” while teeing off on the first hole.  I swung as hard as I could…allowing my feet to slip, just as I hit the ball and landed flat on my back, staring at the sky.

“Whoa!...Ha…ha…ha…are you ok?” asked my 3 brothers in law, (my 3 companions for the day).

“Yeah…why do you ask? That was my ‘slip on my back side while hitting the ball’ trick shot.”

“Are you saying that you meant to do that?”

“Yeah…I do that all the time!”

Additionally, my golf legacy has been observed in various golf tournaments that I have participated in, most of which were “best ball golf scrambles.”  These tournaments suit me well as they give me the freedom to be creative with my shots, without the pressures of actually having to conform to the normal golfing routines and etiquette.

The premise behind “best ball” tournaments, is that each team member will play their ball from the exact same spot…and then the team collectively uses the ball that was the best shot.   The team will then continue this means of play until the ball lands in the hold.  Despite my creative golf game, my shots are rarely used in these tournaments.  In fact, my shots are ONLY used when the team is forced to use them because of the rules that require a minimum number of shots to be used from each team member.

Inevitably what this means is that my team is actually worse for having me as a part of the team.  Time and time again, anything that I had to offer…was actually a detriment to the score and to our team.  Ironically I have not been invited to participate in a golf tournament for nearly 10 years now…I guess the game of golf has not caught up to my extravagant play as of yet.

This reminds me of the Gospel. Just as I can add nothing to make my golf teams score any better, I cannot add anything to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ any better either.  The Gospel is perfect! It is amazing! It is grace! Yet, I often find myself trying to add to the Gospel by working to somehow earn it. 

Imagine, if you will, Jesus swinging a golf club. His game would be perfect.  Jesus gets an “ace” on every hole.  Will he ever need to use one of my shots? Will he ever need to use one of your shots? NO!! Yet…he WANTS us on his team!  He actually wants us, not because we make the Gospel better, but because the Gospel makes us justified, righteous, accepted.   We are made “right” before the Lord, not because we add anything to the Gospel, but because the Gospel adds grace to us! 

When I think of what Jesus has done for us at Easter, how he suffered, died, was buried, and rose again, I realize that I am undeserving.  Not only am I undeserving, but there is nothing that I can add to the Gospel that would make His work any better or any greater!

He is Jesus and HE is enough! The work of the Cross IS ENOUGH!

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