Saturday, April 30, 2022


Throughout our lives we accumulate a great deal of stuff.  Whether we are actively collecting items for collection sake, or simply adding assets out of necessity or want, our homes continually grow cluttered.  Inevitably, when the matriarch and patriarch have ceased with their mortal live, there will be items of interest for the offspring of most families.  Some sons or daughters may desire an antique piece of furniture that has been handed down for generations; others may want a collectible item, such as a Mickey Mantle baseball card or perhaps a worthless Princess Diana Beanie Baby.  The desire for these treasures can, at times, even create conflict within a family. 

I know of one family, with which I may or may not share a bloodline, whose offspring began staking claim on pieces of furniture and collectibles while their dear, old mother was still alive and well.  Imagine her surprise to one day find, as she was cleaning her floors, the names of her children inscribed on many of the family heirlooms throughout the home.  Beneath the antique grand piano, she found Margaret.  Joseph’s name was written on the grip of her husband’s old Colt revolver. Taped across the underside of the curio cabinet was Susan.  She opened the curio cabinet to find that every crystal and porcelain item had been claimed in some way or another by her offspring. 

When Thanksgiving Day arrived, she invited her entire family over for the formal dinner; at which time, she gave a rebuke and an announcement. 

“Alright, listen up! I saw your names written on all my stuff! What is wrong with you!? Well guess what? I have got news for you!...I AM NOT DYING!!!”

There are often historical rules that, though unwritten, continue to hold true in many cultures, including our own.  Rules such as, the oldest child will receive, in some way, the preferred inheritance.  For example, in a case where a man may own an antique firearm that has been passed down for generations, will be obligated to gift that item to his oldest son.  That pattern is continued from firstborn to firstborn perhaps until the end of time.  Being the second born in my family…looks like I might be out of luck.

Here is the crazy thing that I have been astounded by this week.  When I came to believe in Jesus as my one and only Lord and Savior, I became an heir.  I am promised an inheritance.  What has so impacted me this week is that, unlike any inheritance that may come from my parents, which will need to be shared with my siblings; the inheritance that the Lord promises is ALL FOR ME!!!  I GET ALL OF IT! I don’t have to beg for it, I don’t have to share it.  I don’t have to write my name on the items that I want.  It is ALL for me!  


It is ALL for each and every believer. 

Every believer is promised ALL!

May you come to see the promises of God are for you…IF…you will believe.

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